Monday, April 11, 2011


I've been blogged on Glamcult

"When I laid my eyes on this pieve of art, they kept looking for a while. After a few minutes they came to the conclusion that the work of FRANCESCA PASTINE is outstanding and has to be blogged. Stunning!

When Pastine noticed that ARTFORUM magazines were familiar fixtures in her friends’ home, she began using them for her work. Because of their glossy nature, nobody wanted to throw them away. While their sqaure format intrigues Pastine, she began asking her friends for their unwanted magazines.

She began using ARTFORUM magazines as a medium for her work. She started with the covers. She cut, bend, manipulate, pull and dig her way trough them, revealing a visceral topography of art trends."

Source // ArtForum Excavations

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