Friday, February 25, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I was admitted into the Drawing Center Viewing Program. I have not had time to edit the profile yet-- another task! But I did get five pieces framed and on the truck to New York for Scope. I also had my New York Times Mutual Fund Spiderweb piece laser Cut at Pagoda Arts, run by Alex Thompson. He did a fabulous job with it and I highly recommend him. I am posting the original piece that inspired me to do three multiples. I scanned and printed the mutual fund page on Japanese inkjet paper during my Kala Residency a few weeks ago and just now got around to taking it to Alex.
I originally took the web piece to another laser cutting operation since Alex was out of town for a few days. I realized things can go really badly with the wrong Laser Cutting operation. They destroyed my piece and charged me anyway!

Scope NY 2011

Eleanor Harwood Gallery is taking my work to Scope NY (check out the "Press Highlights" where my piece, Erosion, is featured on the Scope website). The gallery is also taking Niall McClelland, Renee Gertler, and Gareth Spor. Here are a couple new pieces I made for the Fair:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In the dark opening

Opening reception of In the Dark, Three Considerations: Joe Bender, Niall Mcclelland,Francesca Pastine; photos by Brent Hallard

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Review of Fresh Work

The Works

All you can consume and digest at Kala Gallery's group show.

Art writers love chewing on big ideas probably as much as self-indulgent actors enjoy masticating scenery. Remember the 19th-century Fletcherizing fad, the mandatory chewing of food 32 times before swallowing? Big thinkers love those aesthetic/theoretical enzymes, and consequently approach big group shows, with their smorgasbords of miscellaneous offerings, with the trepidation of a gourmet in a mall food court. That's a poor analogy, of course (even discounting the occasional critical pig-out on mere spectacle): The artworks in group shows are or can be as piquant and tasty as the designer delicacies at any gallery or museum. Kala Gallery is hosting Fresh Work, a large show featuring 101 works in all media made by 97 affiliated artists, i.e., members, residents, and staffers, that sprawls across the main gallery into two hallways, an office/storage room, and a conference room. With so many participants it's impossible to list all the names, but art mavens will recognize many names here and discover new ones.

Scan the buffet. Pieces that may tickle your eye-brain palate include: Alex Benedict's digital monoprint abstraction on canvas, "Swarm"; Jamie Brunson's minimalist oil-alkyd painting, "Dome Stupa"; Jessica Dunne's text-and-image book on making surfboards, Craft; Angie Garberina's wood/bronze castor sculpture, "Head Examining Apparatus #2"; Ewa Gavrielov's semi-abstract digital print, "Absent and Present"; Stephen Holloway's mysterious lithograph, "The Third Body"; Josefina Jacquin's bold Pop silkscreen, "La Reina"; Theodora Varnay Jones' lyrical abstraction, "Indistinction #6"; Ellen Lake's witty breakup video, "Seaworthy," featuring a trio of Oakland's steel horses and "old good-timey country music"; Lisa Levine's digital print of natatory sine waves, "Swim #3"; Stephanie Metz's altered found object, "Pink Checkered Dress"; Gary Nakamoto's wry double-ringed sculpture about clogged beltways (?), "Geta 12C"; Francesca Pastine's art-magazine carving, "Artforum 21"; Joanna Poethig's serpentine acrylic landscape, "Slither"; Jenny Robinson's monumental industrial-site drypoint, "Gasometer #2"; Anne Ross' evocative black and white photo, "Shadow"; Ron Moultrie Saunders' digital print, "Dragonfly Wings"; Dickson Schneider's digital print, "Pink"; Maryly Snow's collaged landscape digital photo, "Oh, My California (Before) #3"; Inez Storer's mixed-media painting, "Patriotism"; Youngsuk Suh's wildfire series digital photo, "Bather at Sunset"; Elizabeth Tagliabue's photo diptych, "Pink Series #1"; Othmar Tobisch's surreal sumi ink landscape, "Sentry with Sleeping Woman"; and Mark Zaffron's etching/photo-etching, "Laws of Variation," with its legal-document background.

That's only 23 courses, and everything looks good. Fresh Work runs through February 19 at Kala Gallery (2990 San Pablo Ave., Oakland). 510-841-7000 or

The WorksAll you can consume and digest at Kala Gallery's group show.

Kala Gallery [note to ellen: new location needs to be created for gallery at 2990 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, 94702, 510-841-7000,]

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